All industrial processes, from the treatment of the raw material, to the finished product, to local and international distribution, are managed by our business and its people to ensure a consistent quality that is recognized by consumers worldwide.

Our process begins with the acquisition of raw materials from two distinct sources: the importation of seeds (selected from various parts of the world) for our local farmers to plant, develop and harvest; and the importation of tobacco leaves (from qualified international markets and vendors) to complement and complete the variety of blends our brands represent.

Once acquired, the raw materials are processed in our 270,000 square foot industrial park located in the city of Rivera, approximately 300 miles from Montevideo. The processed raw material is then transported to and warehoused at our plant in Montevideo, where it enters our production facility (also in Montevideo) and is manufactured into cigarettes, bound by the appropriate materials (packs and cartons) and packed into protective cases for distribution throughout Uruguay and the world.

As evidenced by this process, the responsibility for our product lies entirely within our hands, and we take great pride in our ability to consistently deliver superior quality tobacco products.

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