We have been successfully exporting our products for more than 20 years to varied and demanding markets such as Japan, the United States, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa; always working with the same distributors which, since the beginning, have confided in our brands, our service and our people.

“Jed's” in the United States, “Ark Royal” in Japan and “Admiral” in South Africa stand out as clear examples of the responsibilities we face through our international business, which is strengthened by the quality of our products and the advantages of our country as a well positioned export market.

Located in South America, Uruguay has a 98% literacy rate, and is supported by the presence of several national and international banks, making it a model country for business within the continent. Within Uruguay, our factory is located in Montevideo, which is essentially a port city, strategically located at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata where it meets the Atlantic Ocean, proving an ideal location which promotes accessibility and reduced shipping costs. Both our factory and our storage and distribution facility are located only minutes away from the Montevideo port.

These qualities in addition to others make Montevideo, Uruguay an ideal place to expand operations, develop new business, and convert Monte Paz into a key player in the international tobacco business, and the company to turn to for the importation of superior quality products.

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